How To Make A Chinese Woman Fall In Love With You? The Full Guide Is Here!

How To Make A Chinese Woman Fall In Love

Chinese women are very, very good. Everything is perfect about them — but of course, it's not that easy to make a beautiful lady from China fall in love with you. Well, you don't have to worry — here, you'll find lots of useful tips that will help you to impress and to attract your Chinese lady. We'll also talk about some common mistakes Western men do when dating Chinese women. Let's start!

How to make a Chinese woman fall in love?

Here's what you have to know: there is no algorithm that will make people fall in love with each other. She may love you or not, and you can't actually make her do or feel something. What you can do, however, is impress her and show her that you're a good man who is worth her love — it will increase your chances. Read these list and you'll know how to show her that you are a decent man!

What does a Chinese lady like? 13 tips that will help you attract her

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  • Show that you are a good person. It's a very obvious thing, we know — but it's really important for all Chinese ladies. Show that you're kind, responsible, intelligent and easygoing — and half of the job will be done. Chinese girls love "nice guys", so showing her that you are really nice will help you to attract her.
  • Always be honest and straightforward. This is another obvious tip, you could say. Well, yes, but there's something else you have to know about it. Point is, when you date an American lady, being straightforward may look quite odd — some American women are sure that if a man shows his hand too early, he loses his position (like, if a man invests more in a relationship, he has less power). But don't worry — that's clearly not the case in China.
  • Dress accordingly. We don’t want to say that you have to look like Brad Pitt in his prime to attract a Chinese lady, no. In China, just looking good is enough.
  • Give her the feeling of security. Try to understand it correctly: Chinese girls live under the pressure, and they need their partners to protect them from this pressure. If you can make her feel emotionally and physically safe with you, you are doing great, and she'll definitely appreciate this.
  • Don't be boring! Don't talk about yourself too much, find out what she likes prior to the date (it's not that difficult because you'll probably spend at least a few weeks chatting with her before the date), take note on what she wants and likes to talk about, do something fun, etc. It's quite simple, actually.
  • Never forget about complimenting her. Compliments are like oxygen for Chinese wives, with no exceptions. Tell your date that she is beautiful, say something about her eyes, hair, long legs, etc. But be careful with calling her "funny" — some Chinese can take it as an insult.
  • Listen and ask questions. Encourage her to talk. Chinese girls are often shy, especially when it comes to the first dates (especially with a foreigner). Don’t forget that if your girlfriend is shy, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you — it just means that she is an introvert type personality. Lots of Chinese girls don't talk too much, but that's how they show you respect by listening, that's all.
  • Give her a gift. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something expensive; a teddy bear or a bouquet of her favorite flowers will work perfectly, too. You’ve already found out her favorite flowers, right?
  • Be casual — traditional dating is not the best choice for the first date. Fancy restaurants are cool, but Chinese ladies often feel uncomfortable when being asked on an expensive date, especially if it's the first date. So, don't try to impress them with money and with a restaurant, because that's how you'll make them feel the pressure. A casual cafe will add atmosphere to your date.
  • Learn at least something about Chinese culture. It’s worth it because of three reasons. The first reason is: Chinese culture is very interesting and deserves attention. The second reason is: your Chinese girlfriend will love the fact you’re interested in her culture and history. And the third reason is: asking her questions about Chinese culture is a great option to break the ice, and the more you know about this subject, the better.
  • Don't expect to get laid on the first date and be patient. They want to have something more serious than short-term relationships, and it’s just not that common in China to have sex on the first dates. If you understand and respect it, you’ll score some brownie points.
  • Build relationships with her family. As you probably know, it’s the top priority and the main thing in the world for every Chinese lady — so you just can’t ignore her family if you are going to build a serious relationship with her.
  • Pay the bills and plan the dates. Yes, you can tell her to split the bill, and she’ll do it without any question. But most likely, you’ll never see her again after this. It’s a man who pays for the dates in Chinese dating culture, and you can’t break this tradition. It’s also a man who plans the dates in this country because the man is always the leader and initiator. Are you ok with that?

What Chinese girls don’t like: top 3 tips that will help you not to screw up

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What are the most common mistakes men do when dating these girls? There are at least three mistakes that can ruin your chances with these hot ladies. Here they are:

  1. Don’t try to approach a Chinese woman in a group. It's very simple in the United States. You go to a club, see a girl who is in a girlie group, talk to her and to her friends, "What are you girls celebrating? Looks like you're having a great time" — and voila, she's interested in you. But that's not how it works in China. Here, you will never get a girl who is chilling at a club with her female friends, because it's considered to be something good girls don't do in China.
  2. Don’t think too much. Everything is quite obvious, actually. Don’t be nervous trying to figure out if she likes you or not — it’s usually very simple. Pay attention to her body language, to what she says and to how often does she smile — these ladies love American men, so you will most likely not be neglected or ignored.
  3. Don’t be too masculine. They love confident men, that’s right, but here’s the thing which is much more important: they also love romantic men. A man who makes each day special, makes romantic surprises, and tells his woman that he loves her, is considered a perfect partner in China. Chinese men are very careful with saying romantic words and doing romantic things, because for them, it's like signing a lifetime contract — so if you don't have any problems with romantic relationships, you'll be able to get every girl you like!